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Brela beaches For all who have visited this stunning place on the Makarska Riviera, it is synonymous with extraordinary vacations in a natural paradise. These beaches are the real trademark of the owner. This is why so many tourists spend their holiday in the pearl of Dalmatia every single year. It is not unusual for guests to choose the beaches at Brela as their summer retreat for many years.

Many of them feature on many lists of the top beaches in Europe.

The promenade is approximately a kilometer long and offers a view of the sparkling sea and beaches. This combination, along with the many shades and colors of green that century-old pines provide, is sure to soothe your soul.

If you are not planning to spend your holidays at Brela, but the place is nearby, don’t miss the chance to swim there or take a stroll in one these wonderful oases.

We’ve chosen the names of five beaches so you can make your way around easier on your arrival.

  • Punta rata beach
  • Podrace beach
  • Soline beach
  • Stomarica beach
  • Scit & Porat beach